Check out our new ERL3000 Electric Linear Fireplaces!

ERL3000 Series electric fireplaces offer a large linear transitional design with a smoked crystal ember bed and driftwood log accents. Impressive dual colored flame appearance combined with multi-color ember bed lighting and mood enhancing ceiling lighting offer breathtaking views and make ERL3000 fireplaces the focal point of any room.

WRT8000 is here!

Wrt8000 slate gray

The WRT8000 is a premium wood burning fireplace that features an astounding 42” tall opening paired with a low profile, flush to hearth design. Interior liner options include a choice of Mosaic Masonry kiln-fired firebrick liners in a split herringbone pattern and a variety of designer colors. For a large classic masonry fireplace look and feel the WRT8000 is the perfect choice.

Success with the air shutter

Is your customer experiencing too blue flame on their new fireplace? Chances are the air shutter needs to be adjusted. Locate the air shutter in your fireplace unit and adjust the air shutter to give you the correct proportion of flame presence. Stay warm out there!

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